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Our Town

Port McNeill HarbourPort McNeill is a small, peaceful town located on North Vancouver Island by the Pacific Ocean. In my writing I am going to tell you about the wildlife, talk about the fishing, and explain camping.

In Port McNeill, the wildlife is amazing. We have cougars, whales and bears. You can even go on a whale watching trip!

Almost everyday, you see deer eating the grass or hiding in the bushes. All different types of animals live in Port McNeill.

Another entertaining thing you can do here is fishing. We have a dock where you can fish from the beach, or if you own a boat, you can fish out on the water. Sometimes, you even see a seal or two, poking it's head out of the water. We also have rivers to fish from that have salmon.

Just outside of Port McNeill, there are lots of camping spots. Cluxewe is a civilization campsite. It has a playground, rest rooms, and an office. There are bush camping sites, such as Anutes (guessed) and Keo Lake (also guessed). The camping is great here.

Finally, there are a lot of activities you can do here in Port McNeill. It is a great place to live and has lots of things you can do.

It's Time to Visit Port McNeill

An Orca WhaleIf you have come to Port McNeill or live in Port McNeill then you know that it is a wonderful place to be. In Port McNeill we have a lot of fun activities. First, I will talk to you about whale watching, Telegraph Cove and finally I will talk to you about our Orca Feast.

When you go whale watching there are some small, medium and huge sized whales. If you are lucky, the whales may come really close to you. The most common one around here is the killer whale. They are black with some white spots on them. People call the whale a Killer Whale but the real name is the Orca Whale. They are a very cool sight to see.

At Telegraph Cove there is whale watching, a museum, a coffee shop and stands with some interesting items. There is book marks, necklaces, brackets and rings. When you go into the museum you will see whale and dinosaur skeletons and paragraphs of interesting facts about all the skeletons. You can go camping and there is little houses you can rent for the summer so you can go fishing and exploring. When you leave the museum the people that work there will give you chock that is in that shape of whale tooth.

What Makes Port McNeill Such a Great Place?

In Port McNeill, we have Orca Feast every year. There are games and different crafts that people have made. Sometimes they will set up a bounce house where you can wrestle, bounce, jump’n stick, bounce and there is a big ball that you go in and there are balloons flying everywhere. There are rock climbing and mouse balls. They have lots of balloons. When the Orca Feast is going on there is a baseball tournament. There is also a parade that goes on at around 11:00.
Welcome to Port McNeillWhat makes Port McNeill such a great place? Maybe because of the safety for kids or maybe because it’s a place where you can walk in the forest. Maybe it’s because everyone is nice and knows everyone. It’s all of those things and more. So I’m going to write you all the great things I love about Port McNeill.

Port McNeill is a very safe place for kids. There are day cares and lots of places where they can go. At school there can’t be just anyone on the playground. The school is way safer than any other schools at Vancouver or other cities. Your kids can be safe even when they are in their backyard because there is no one here that can hurt them.

There is a beautiful forest in Port McNeill where you can walk around with nothing hurting you. One year there was a haunted house over the bridge, over the river that is in the forest. The only animals you would see are black bears, deer, elk and sometimes there are cougars.

Everybody here at Port McNeill is really nice and mainly everybody knows everyone. Lots of people are nice and if somebody has never heard of somebody then you know that they are new. Especially at the stores people are nice and always have a smile on their face.

Overall, these are just three things that are great about Port McNeill. Hope this gives you an idea about how great Port McNeill is.