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Grade 6 Math Sheets
Math PowerPoint Site
Fractions PowerPoint
Probability Web Site
Place Value - Go to #5 and #3
Rounding Numbers
APlusMath - Worksheets
Halloween Math Questions
All Math - Grade 5
Long Division Game
Long Division Game - not quite as good
Common Core Sheets - Great Review!
All Math - Grade 4
Math Racing - Place Value - Grade 4 Basketball Math - Grade 5
Math Page
- Everything you need to know
Alberta's Live Math - 4
Alberta's Live Math - 5
Alberta's Live Math - 6
Various Grade 5 Worksheets
Multiplication drill sheets for downloading
Kidport Math - Super Site!
AAA Math - Grade 5
Math Probability
Line Symmetry

Language Arts
Main Idea
Cursive Writing
Compare and Contrast
Make a Word Search
Creative Writing for Children - Fun Stuff
Grammar Blast
Free online Graph Paper
Poetry Unit
BoysBookShelf - and then it Happened

Digestive System Video
The Brain and Nervous System
The Respiratory System
The Space Station
The Wild Canadian Year - Spring
The Wild Canadian Year - Summer
The Wild Canadian Year - Fall
The Wild Canadian Year - Winter
Making The Wild Canadian Year
How the Body Works
Human Body Muscles
The Heart - Movie
World Book Online
Adobe Spark Video
Simple Machine Quiz

Social Studies
Canada - PowerPoint
Latitude and Longitude Finder
Canadian History
History of Canada - CBC
U'Mista Cultural Society
Canadian History
- PowerPoint
The Barter System - YouTube video

Numerous Education PowerPoint videos
Cursive Writing Web Site - Great site!
Interesting Flight in New York!
Animal Crackers - YouTube
Fun Brain
New York Flight Simulator 2
Free Printable Worksheets

Cursive Writing Pages (PDF Files)
The letter A
The letter B
The letter C
The letter D
The letter E
The letter F
The letter G
The letter H
The letter I
The letter J
The letter K
The letter L
The letter M
The letter N
The letter O
The letter P
The letter Q
The letter R
The letter S
The letter T
The letter U
The letter V
The letter W
The letter X
The letter Y
The letter Z